Questions and Answers About Measure D

Q: What does Measure D do?

A:  Thanks to the generosity of local voters, SRVUSD passed Measure D in November 2012, a $260 million local school bond measure, is helping to provide all of SRVUSD students with a safe and up-to-date learning environment. SRVUSD needs additional classrooms to better ensure that children can continue to attend their neighborhood schools. Updated science labs and technology infrastructure are needed to support 21st-century teaching and learning. Fire, security, and earthquake safety system improvements are also needed. Although some of our schools have been upgraded over the years through previous facility bond measures, others have not.

Measure D provides locally-controlled funding to:

  • Provide additional classrooms to better ensure that students can attend their neighborhood schools
  • Update technology infrastructure for 21st-century teaching and learning
  • Renovate aging science labs, classrooms and school facilities
  • Upgrade fire, security, and earthquake safety systems
  • Keep schools well-maintained and in good condition
  • Bring all schools up to the same high facility standards


Q: Is Measure D fiscally accountable?

A: Measure D includes fiscal oversight and accountability.

  • Every penny supports San Ramon Valley schools
  • The State can’t take Measure D funds
  • Independent citizens’ oversight is required
  • No funds can be used for administrators’ salaries
  • This measure qualifies our schools for state matching funds


Q:  Is there any other way to fund these repairs?

A:  The State does not provide the levels of funding we need to renovate San Ramon Valley schools. Schools need safety upgrades, up-to-date technology and science labs, as well as additional classrooms to prevent overcrowding and provide a safe learning environment.  The only way to upgrade our schools is to pass a local school bond measure.


  1. Can the State take any Measure D funds?

A:  No.  Every penny of Measure D will in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.  No funds can be taken away by the State.


Q:  Will Measure D help improve the energy efficiency of our schools and save the District money?

A:  Yes.  By improving the energy and operational efficiency of our schools, Measure D will help provide annual savings that could go directly into the classroom to support retaining qualified teachers and protecting academic programs.


Q:  Does Measure D allow our schools to qualify for State matching funds?

A:  Yes, with the passage of Measure D our schools qualify for additional funding from the State.  California schools typically are unable to receive matching funds without the passage of a bond.


Q:  How can I find out which projects will be completed at my school?

A:  While some schools have been upgraded and repaired, others have not.  Measure D will help bring all of our schools up to the same high facilities standard.  Please check the projects page for more details on all Measure D projects.


Q:  How can I get more information or ask questions?

A:  Please email the SRVUSD Facilities Department at

Facilities Development

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To improve the educational environment for teaching and learning by providing all San Ramon Valley Unified School District students with safe, comfortable and modern learning facilities.

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The Facilities Development Department deals with the construction and renovation of the district's facilities as well as enrollment tracking and planning for capacity. Construction services include overseeing planning, new construction, major renovations, modernizations, and projects. Enrollment tracking and planning strategies include identifying and evaluating goals and providing students and teachers an optimal learning environment.

17 Years of Success

Over $1 billion in new/upgraded school construction

Over $1/2 billion in developer (private) funding

Over $1/2 billion in taxpayer supported bonds (Measures D (1998, 2012) and A (2002)

12 new schools completed, 23 schools upgraded or modernized

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