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Stone Valley Middle School Renovation

Stone Valley Middle School Renovation

The Stone Valley Middle School project will replace nearly every outdated classroom on campus. Students and staff are housed in 24 temporary classrooms during construction, which began in January 2016. These classrooms will be located on a portion of the playfield throughout construction. Demolition of the old classroom buildings began in March of 2016 with the construction of new buildings beginning in May 2016.

Timelines and Updates

October 2017: The classroom building first-floor walls and second-floor framing system have been completed. The contractor is currently finishing up the second-floor wall framing on the north side while also framing the roof. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors are currently installing the mechanical systems, electrical, and rough plumbing throughout the first and second floors. Windows and door frames have arrived on-site and are expected to be installed in early November. The MPR building walls are framed and the lower roofs are also framed.  The contractor is currently setting beams on the MPR in preparation for the trusses which are expected to arrive mid-November. The project is currently on schedule and within budget.

August-September 2017: Contractor completed the foundations and slabs on both the MPR and the new classroom building early August. The first floor walls and second floor joists and beams, including the subfloor are 80% complete. The framing contractor is currently framing second floor walls while the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors are working on rough-in on the first floor of the classroom building. The MPR steel columns have been erected, the walls are 80% framed and the lower roofs are currently being framed. The new PG&E service gear is installed and inspected with a cutover date scheduled for the end of November. The project is currently on schedule and within budget.

July 2017: The classroom building’s concrete slab foundation is now poured and crews are beginning to frame the structural walls for the first story. Prep work continues on the MPR building’s concrete slab which should be poured in the next few weeks.

June 2017: The contractors have completed the foundation for the new classroom building.  The slab concrete pour is scheduled for mid-June.  Foundation work for the new multi-purpose building is underway and is expected to be poured during the first week of June. The project is on schedule.

April-May 2017: 50% of the foundation for the classroom building was poured out on 4/24. Contractors are placing rebar and inbeds on the north-side of the classroom building in prep for pouring those foundations the first week of May. Excavations of the MPR foundations are underway. Foundation work for the new switch gear is underway. The project is expected to be completed in spring 2018.

March 2017: The underground utilities are complete and contractors are working on the foundations of both the classroom and new multi-purpose buildings. The project is on schedule.

December 2016: Board awarded contract December 6, 2016. Contracts, bonds, and insurance are in place for the Notice to Proceed issued 12/16/16. This scope of work includes: general trades, electrical, and HVAC packages for the project. Anticipated completion is Spring 2018. Project is on schedule and within budget.

November 2016: Bidding for the classroom and MPR buildings is estimated for November 2016.

August 2016: DSA approval anticipated for the end of August. Building construction estimated to begin in Fall 2016.

June 2016: Underground utilities and building pad construction in progress.

April 2016: Demolition started and completed. Construction started with site utilities. Classroom building plans are awaiting anticipated approval (May 2016).

March 2016: Testing of existing building materials. Official construction, which begins with demolition, is tentatively scheduled to start.

January-February 2016: Interim housing move-in and occupancy.

October 2015: Interim housing modulars project is expected to start.

September 2015: Increment 1- Classroom Project Site Work, is submitted to DSA. Interim housing modulars receive DSA approval.

August 2015: Interim housing infrastructure project is completed.

March 2015: HKIT Architects completes the schematic design.

December 9, 2014: Scheduled Board meeting. The School Board approves a concept at this meeting.

November 2014: District facilities staff notifies neighbors of the upcoming FOAC meeting scheduled on November 19, 2014to present alternatives. FOAC is expected to make a recommendation for School Board approval.

September to November 2014: HKIT Architects and District Design Committee revisit concepts for recommendation to the FOAC. One and two-story schemes are again reviewed.

August 20, 2014: The District Facilities staff holds FOAC meeting. Neighbors in the immediate SVMS neighborhood were invited. Staff presents the two-story scheme D1 and potential mitigation measures. Based on the input from the public at this meeting, the FOAC requests that Facilities staff revisit one-story schemes as well as further develop mitigation measures.

June 25, 2014: The District Facilities staff contacts SVMS neighbors adjacent to the new buildings to present the proposed plan and to solicit comments and concerns. Staff agrees to investigate further mitigation measures.

May 20, 2014: School Board approves concept site plan for two-story scheme D1.

May 14, 2014: FOAC recommends to the SRVUSD School Board for approval the concept site plan for the two-story scheme D1.

February to April 2014: HKIT and District Design Committee develop concepts for recommendation to the FOAC. One and two-story schemes are reviewed. Two-story scheme D1 is recommended based on a concept site plan.

January 2014: HKIT Architects contracted to begin conceptual designs.

November 2012: The Measure D Bond Project List includes the renovation of Stone Valley Middle School.


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Construction Start Date: January 2016

Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2018

Architect: HKIT

Contractor: Sausal Corporation

Estimated Cost: $40,345,159

Project Manager: Rick Kendrick

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District stands among the highest-achieving school districts in California. It covers 18 square miles, encompassing the communities of Alamo, Blackhawk, Danville, Diablo, and San Ramon (including the new Dougherty Valley communities in east San Ramon) as well as a small portion of Walnut Creek.

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